During August 2013, weekly cycles of conversations brought together artists in residence and visiting guests from various disciplines including visual arts, music, literature, architecture, social and human sciences, culinary and oenological arts.

A wide range of contributors in different fields visited from France and the UK, including Anne Varichon – Ethnologist, Bernard Salignon – Professor of Aesthetics, Caroline White – Sculptor, Christian Gaussen – Director of École des Beaux Arts Montpellier, Graham Henderson – CEO of Poet in the CityJeremy Hunt – Editor and Publisher of the Art & Architecture Journal, Laurent Delaye – GalleristLouisa Buck – Art Critic, Rebecca Taber – Curator, Stephen Marsden – Sculptor and Lecturer at Institut Supérieur Des Arts de Toulouse.

The weekly topics explored under the theme of Constructed with Intention were:

  • Genesis and Origins of Intention
    • At the source of the Intention
    • Taboos. Said and Unsaid
  • Construction as an Unifying Action
    • The Assembling
    • Space and Reality
  • Existence in the System
    • Art and Society – the Artist and his/her social role
    • Existing – Submission, Acceptance and Auto-regulation
  • Arts in Dialogue
    • Music and Fine Arts
    • Movements and Gesture in Dance


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