TCAF has three overarching strategic R&D goals, which connect our four themes (education, innovation, sustainability, wellbeing):

1) Build and disseminate knowledge on the specific ways in which art is transformative by testing existing knowledge, identifying new tools to capture the transformative effect of art and in contributing to the knowledge about it.

TCAF aspires to bring together and disseminate knowledge and analysis of selected information resources; conduct applied research; and commission (ideally in partnership with other organisations) resources and further applied research.

2) Establish effective and lasting cooperation between art organisations and other sectors, such as academia, the third sector, government agencies, civil society, and corporations.

TCAF does this, for example, by convening gatherings in partnership with key organisations and by placing the goal of facilitating connections between leaders and practitioners at the centre of its R&D strategy.

3) Provide informed leadership on key issues affecting arts.

Finally, TCAF aims to develop and maintain an active and valued voice in national and international debates regarding the role of art.


Experimentation grounds 

TCAF’s R&D programme combines the following experimentation grounds:

– Commissioned research;


– Public events (conferences, symposia, conversations);


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