Sept 2017 – Presentation of the results of the first year of our evaluation of the Goethe at LUX residency

July 17 – Lagamas artists residency with Gideon Mendel

Jun 17 – Contribution to British Council’s final series on EU-UK Culture, Research and Education ahead of Communiqué on Shared European Future

May 17 – Contribution to CAE London hub workshop on the Future of Europe to co-create a cultural scenario for the EU

May 17 – Start of R&D project with Goethe-Institute London to assess over four years their new residency programme in partnership with LUX

Apr 17 – Publication in L’ECHO of an interview by Marianne Magnin, TCAF Board Chair

Mar 17 – Hosting an Impossible Partnerships workshop on distributed data, in partnership with The Culture Capital Exchange and DataKind

Jan 17 – Participation to Culture Action Europe AGM and annual conference ‘Beyond the Obvious’ in Budapest, with a focus on European construction, cities and sustainable development

Jan 17 – Presentation to the House of Lords Culture & Creative Industries Committee of the conclusions of TCAF literature review on the benefits of art.


Dec 16 – Trustees, researchers, artists, volunteers and donors gathered to celebrate the year, with a performance by poet Douglas Park

Jun 16 – Boryana Stambolova is appointed to the Board as Treasurer. She is joined by Apoorva Chandra

May 16 – TCAF programme proposals (artist residency, cross-sector workshop) to address eco-development and sustainability challenges are approved by Pafos2017, European Capital of Culture

Mar 16 – Participation to Culture Action Europe three-day collaborative thinking session in Brussels on political developments and advocacy


November 15 – Last ART of Conversation supper of 2015, exploring ‘Spontaneous Acts‘

November 15 – Participation to Kathreptis, an international gathering held in Athens to discuss culture, people and cities

October 15 – Third edition of the ART of Conversation supper, exploring the relationship between art and Politics

September 15 – Second ART of Conversation supper, exploring ‘Play‘ as theme

July 15 – Launch of The ART of Conversation supper club in London. Theme of the evening: art in the public space

July 15 – Community workshop ‘happy city‘ by Maryam Palizgir, at the Skip Garden, a green and experimental oasis in the middle of the King’s Cross development, London

May 15 – Having just graduated from King’s College where she read English and French, Alexandra Whitton joins TCF team as Marketing & Communications intern, in partnership with DWC

Jan 15 – Anastasia Goryunova curates ME/WE duo Kate Davis and David Moore in de l’ I N t i m e… exhibition at En Cours space, Paris


Nov 14 – 2014 Artists in residence present their works in Lagamas church (1-6pm): Susie Hamilton showcases her new ‘Old ladies at the market’ and ‘Occitan school children’ watercolour series, Beatrice Schulz brings to life a Beatritz of Dia’s love song through a subtil web of Occcitan recordings and drawings, and Maryam Palizgir assembles an installation combining embroidered textiles and ceramics

Oct 14 – 2014 TCF residency opens at Lagamas, with artists Susie Hamilton, Beatrice Milner and Maryam Palizgir exploring the theme Identities, with a briefer visit by Jimmy Richer

July 14 – The exhibition Automatic Art, featuring Transformable sculptures by Peter Lowe, opens at GV Art Gallery

May 14 – The Cornelius Foundation joins the Triangle Network as one of its Partners

Apr 14 – The Passion of Lagamas is performed in London by the Musarc ensemble. This libretto commissioned by Joseph Kohhmaier, brings together 3 poems by Jeremy Hunt: The Last Supper at Château de L’Agamàs, The Vision of Saint Jean-de-Fos and The Passion at the Mount of Olives of L’agamas

Mar 14 – Sean Dower extends the life of his Lagamas live-performance in Live Noise Transmission as part of the Monomania festival, Cambridge (UK). The performance includes metal sheets, steel chimes, inspiration and a ‘Bleu de Travail’ jacket first staged at Château de Lagamas on August 24th, 2013

Feb 14 – Eric Fischer performs the premiere of 7 Constellations (a progression from 1 instrument to 7 for the final piece), extended from ‘Constellations Obligatoires‘ composed in August 2013 as inspired by Mauvaises Étoiles by Peter Lowe. Presented in Combs-la-Ville, France, under the invitation of Patrick Selmer – from the world renowned instrument makers Selmer family, Fischer is joined by Serge Bertocchi, Jean-Pierre Baraglioli, Romain Tallet, Jean-Louis Gauche and Sylvain Kassab

Jan 14 – 2013 Residency at Lagamas receives a comprehensive review in the Art and Architecture Journal

Jan 14 – The poem The Vision of Saint-Jean-de-Fos, written by Jeremy Hunt during Lagamas 2013 residency, received its first public reading in London