The 2013 Artist’s Residency theme is Constructed with Intention – focusing within the context of the foundation’s raison d’être: can art practice and cultural experience be intentionally constructed to deliver benefits to the well being of individuals?

The 2013 residency theme aims to examine the proposition of creating human systems whether they are artistic, scientific or cultural and to explore the methodology of various attempts to systematise and fabricate human endeavours in different fields, out of or against a given context. Law making and prescription have always been central to the development of humanity, the design, making and implementation of these constructed systems. They have also often proven to be problematic or temporary. Though these practices are frequently unsustainable they can inform future human creative and intellectual practice indelibly.

The residency offers an exploration of these systems with reference to current cultural trends and practices such as appropriation, montage, accumulation, fusion, virtual reality, fantasy, nostalgia, hedonism and fundamentalism.

This inaugural residency took place over a 6-week long period (mi-July / August) at the Château de Lagamas, Languedoc, France.


Joana da Conceição – multi media
Kate Davis & David Moore – multi media
Sean Dower – multi media
Eric Fischer – music
Peter Lowe – sculpture
Romain Tallet – music


During August 2013, weekly cycles of conversations brought together residents and visiting guests from various disciplines including visual arts, music, literature, architecture, social and human sciences, culinary and oenological arts.

The residency was fortunate in having a wide range of visiting contributors in different fields, from France and the UK, including Anne Varichon – Ethnologist, Bernard Salignon – Professor of Aesthetics, Caroline White – Sculptor, Christian Gaussen – Director of École des Beaux Arts Montpellier, Graham Henderson – CEO of Poet in the CityJeremy Hunt – Editor and Publisher of the Art & Architecture Journal, Laurent Delaye – GalleristLouisa Buck – Art Critic, Rebecca Taber – Curator, Stephen Marsden – Sculptor and Lecturer at Institut Supérieur Des Arts de Toulouse.

The weekly topics explored under the theme of Constructed with Intention were:

  • Genesis and Origins of Intention
    • At the source of the Intention
    • Taboos. Said and Unsaid
  • Construction as an Unifying Action
    • The Assembling
    • Space and Reality
  • Existence in the System
    • Art and Society – the Artist and his/her social role
    • Existing – Submission, Acceptance and Auto-regulation
  • Arts in Dialogue
    • Music and Fine Arts
    • Movements and Gesture in Dance

OPEN DAY (Saturday 24 August)

  • Afternoon (Château, chapel, church)
    • Exhibition of the residency works by artists Joana da Conceição (Animal Esthétique 1), Sean Dower, Kate Davis & David Moore (Scar) and Peter Lowe (Mauvaises Étoiles, Transformables)
    • Workshop around the ‘Civic Motto‘ project by Jeremy Hunt
    • Musical follies by Eric Fischer and Romain Tallet (improvisations inspired by in situ works, premiere of ‘Constellations Obligatoires’ composed in relation to ‘Mauvaises Étoiles’ by Peter Lowe)
    • Louisa Buck in conversation with the artists
  • Evening (church, Château)
    • Jazz concert by saxophonists Eric Fischer and Romain Tallet
    • Live-performance by Sean Dower

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