A 2-day cross-sectorial workshop for art and culture to function as a pillar of sustainable development

December 2017


Pafos, a city in the southwest of Cyprus, will be an European Capital of Culture in 2017. The central concept of the Pafos 2017 programme (summarised in the motto “Open Air Factory”) acknowledges that there is a necessity for a new openness in our way of thinking, living and acting so that we may reconnect spaces and people. The motto of Pafos 2017 also expresses the need for linking and bridging the differences between Pafos’ various groups of citizens.

Pafos is placed under the dilemma of reconciling its needs for economical development – expressed through ambitious tourism plans, and the protection of its unique natural and cultural assets.

The central aim of The Akamas Project (part of Pafos 2017 official programme) is to develop “a sustainable model of Ecotourism, enlightening Akamas peninsula [on] environmental values, taking in consideration the conservation of biodiversity and at the same time the economical and cultural development of the area.”

Under the Akamas Project umbrella, TCAF workshop aims to contribute to the development of “environmental education programs about the environmental values of Akamas peninsula”.

In particular, the workshop ambitions to develop links between the artistic/cultural, the environmental and the business sectors.

By targeting influential figures (policy makers, think tank directors), business leaders in Cyprus and others, the event will also add to the Akamas Project’s objective to contribute to expanding the “cultural dialogue between public and artists”, which is strongly aligned with TCAF’s mission: to understand and advocate for the transformative power of art, in this case regarding its contribution to more sustainable economic and social models.

The plan is for this international workshop to serve in the future as an engagement blueprint for similar contexts facing eco-development challenges in other parts of the world.

This project is developed in junction with a 3-month artist residency at a local school.

For any information (contributions such as of case studies, sponsorship opportunities, volunteering…), please contact us here.