A hollow voice. Loosing myself, to intimacy with myself and communion with others. We are the audience to our own performance. It is spontaneous, we are waiting, breathless, for the breath. In a cool damp cave with feminine sticks. Occitan love poetry copied out in Copperplate handwriting. Writing as a ritual performance. Paper object as document of the ritual performance. A drawing is the document of its own making, notation a reduction, the inside notes are implied. Decoration is added in the moment of performance. Intuitive; baroque pleasure of the body’s excess. Drawing the name, an incantation of syllables. Culpa: blame, guilt, shame. Violence of patriarchy that forced monogamy on the worshippers of Hera. So that we might know our fathers. Ballad of connecting with women in the community. Our words betray our bodies. River body. The cave is the document of the river’s excess. The water has broken the rock. Make the letters without taking the pen off the paper. Notation of movement across the page. Translation of an impulse, automatic writing, a reconstruction of the original impulse, inundated with cobalt cerulean blue. Alien pigment. Aboriginal. Covering my tracks. Mutiple and complex origins. Your body is sacred. The loops on the letters are the signifier’s excess. The loopy handwriting floods and bursts into the signifier. Breaks the signifier. The decoration is excessive, it is glitter, it is nouveau riche, it is pure pleasure.