Editors / Translators: Marianne Magnin, Jeremy Hunt


Alexis Blondel

La Rosa e le Limone

Anastasia Goryunova

Residence and Community / Résidence et Communauté

Arman Nouri

Painting the city: the art of public engagement

Beatrice Schulz


David Moore & Kate Davis

Cicada cha-cha-cha

Graham Henderson

The Man under the Tree

Jeremy Hunt

The Passion de Lagamas
The Passion at the Mount of Olives of L’Agamàs
The Last Supper at Château de L’Agamàs
The Vision of St Jean de Fos
Lagamas Civic Blasons

Louisa Buck & Julia Royse

Animal Esthétique 1 | Joana da Conceição
Scar | Kate Davis and David Moore
Mauvaises Étoiles | Peter Lowe
Live-performance | Sean Dower

Maryam Palizgir

You Are What you Think
Happy City

Peter Lowe


Rebecca Taber

First Impressions

Romain Tallet

Awake, Aware, alive, Away

Susie Hamilton

The Metarmorphic Figure
Drawings from the Market Place

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