The 2013 Artist’s Residency theme is Constructed with Intention – focusing on intentional creativity within the context of the foundation’s raison d’être: can art practice and cultural experience be intentionally constructed to deliver benefits to the well being of individuals?

The founding principle of TCF Artist’s Residency is to offer artists a new environment in which their practice can be both challenged and developed, with such exploration and experimentation being further informed by conversations with visiting guests and exchanges with local communities.

Throughout August 2013, weekly cycles of conversations brought together residents and visiting guests from various disciplines including visual arts, music, literature, architecture, social and human sciences, culinary and oenological arts.

Artists in residence: Peter Lowe, Kate David & David Moore, Joana da Conceição and Sean Dower. And special guests.

Contributors in different fields, from France and the UK, included: Bernard Salignon – Professor of Aesthetics, Christian Gaussen – Director of École des Beaux Arts Montpellier, Louisa Buck – art critic, Jeremy Hunt – Editor and Publisher of the Art & Architecture Journal, Graham Henderson – CEO of Poet in the City, Laurent Delaye – Gallerist and Anne Varichon – Ethnologist.

The weekly topics explored under the theme of Constructed with Intention are:

  • Genesis and Origins of Intention
    • At the source of the Intention
    • Taboos. Said and Unsaid
  • Construction as an Unifying Action
    • The Assembling
    • Space and Reality
  • The System: The End of a Cycle
    • Submission, Acceptance and Auto-regulation
    • Art as Manifesto. Art as a Merchandise
  • Artistic Languages in Dialogue
    • Heritage and Transmission
    • Transversality, Inclusiveness and Group