The Cornelius Arts Foundation believes in the virtue of collaboration. We are proud to work alongside a number of great partners to carry the best work possible with the best people.

If you are interested in working with The Cornelius Arts Foundation as a partner, network or venue, please drop us a line here.

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Triangle is an international network of artists and arts organisations that promotes exchange of ideas and innovation within the contemporary visual arts. Through artist-led workshops, residencies, exhibitions and other public events, the network generates peer-to-peer learning, professional development for artists and the dissemination of emerging international art practices.

TCF has been a member of the Triangle Network since 2014.


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Culture Action Europe is the biggest umbrella organisation representing the cultural sector at the European level. It has immediate access to EU decision makers and is seen by EU institutions as their first port of call for informed opinion and debate about arts and cultural policy. CAE believe that culture must be put at the heart of the public debate and decision-making to improve societies and our daily life. CAN provides a place for the exchange of ideas, possibilities and debates. The organisation is shifting from being sector-orientated to issue-driven.

TCF has been a member of CAE since 2015.



As founding member of the Communication Business Partnership, Dawson Walker is a marketing agency offering solutions beyond the world of the brochure, website or poster. The agency identifies and engages directly with their target audiences and build long-lasting relationships. Their multi-lingual team has a unique combination of skills from PR, Events, CRM, Corporate and Recruitment Communications to Research and Project Management.

Initiated in 2014, Dawson Walker’s partnership with The Cornelius Arts Foundation has allowed them to learn more about the way art can be used to bridge creativity with business.


Oxway Logo, All Rights Reserved.

OXWAY is a crowd-consulting platform providing a new tool by mining knowledge from diverse and independent people, gathering them to solve problems. Through online open challenges tailor-made to a client’s needs OXWAY is able to rank, analyse and reward the best contributors, ultimately presenting the most popular solution to their client.

By collaborating with OXWAY The Cornelius Arts Foundation not only wishes to expand its scope of contributors beyond the traditional realm of academia, but also to exemplify its vision to trial innovative approaches and to breakdown silos. The first OXWAY challenge will complement the White Paper. Please feel most welcome to contact us to be part of the experiment.

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