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“As a business leader I have often experienced a kind of “middle management permafrost”, where we have to break through egos and resistance to change before we are able to make any significant improvements or strategy-shift.

I experienced my own “transformation through art” during a TCAF workshop when I became part of a project where I led one workstream and another was led by an artist. The artist did not stick to the agenda and ran over time significantly… but his presentation had the greatest effect in that it engaged the audience much better than I did (he used crepe paper and glue instead of Powerpoint, and in a much more interesting way). I have subsequently followed a similar unorthodox approach to great effect; managers are engaging more on some tricky subjects and my sessions are being remembered!”

Steve Mottershead brings 25 years of experience in senior management roles for international blue-chip organisations, leading M&A projects and new venture development from conception to implementation through to profitable operation; in the financial services and industrial services sectors.

Steve is now freelancing following the successful MBI of a small regional engineering consultancy; having turned it in to Europe’s largest and most successful firm amongst its peers. He led the rapid profitable growth of this business, which required total overhaul of processes, procedures, finances and personnel and the introduction of a powerful integrated sales and marketing strategy which has seen 20% growth year on year from 2005 to 2013.

Steve described himself as result driven – with a firm focus on processes and ability to build strong rapport with internal and external stakeholders, with a maverick approach to traditional challenges and the appetite to break down preconceptions and silos.

Steve currently splits his time between the UK and France, and not short of a new challenge has embarked on learning French.