Apoorva Chandra


Apoorva ‘finds a close personal resonance to the Foundation’s mission of harnessing the transformative power of art. He believes its work can help address many contemporary societal themes – developing cross cultural understanding, harnessing the power of diverse perspectives, and the vital impact that art can have on personal wellbeing, and fostering innovation, among others.’

Apoorva Chandra currently works with Prudential Plc, as HR Director for the Group Head Office in London. Prudential is an international financial services group with significant operations in Asia, the US and the UK, which serves around 24 million insurance customers and has £509 billion of assets under management.

Before joining Prudential, Apoorva was with healthcare major Johnson and Johnson. In previous roles, he worked with consulting firms (PricewaterhouseCoopers and Willis Towers Watson) in the areas of Strategy, Change, Human Capital, Reward and Talent management. Programmes that he led in these roles spanned various industry sectors, and were delivered in partnership with business leaders and cross-functional teams.

Apoorva has a Bachelor’s degree in Finance and Accounting, Master’s degree in HR and Organisational Development, and is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development. He is passionate about contributing to the advancement of Education. He is associated with the Cambridge University and the Warwick Business School as a visiting member of faculty – focusing on leadership and HR. He is also an advisor on a programme aimed at helping schools in the Greater London area to develop and implement their careers education strategy. Apoorva is a Trustee Director of the Prudential International Staff Pension Scheme.