Martin Anderson, 10th anniversary of Toccata Classics, September 2015

Martin Anderson is a renowned music critic and music publisher, with an encyclopaedic knowledge of classical music.

He fell in love with classical music before his teens. After earning his degree in medieval French and German at St. Andrews University, Scotland, he worked for 20 years in economics in London and Paris. His passion for music eventually won out and he turned to criticism, writing for Fanfare and International Record Review, amongst many other publications.

As a sister to Toccata Press, Anderson launched Toccata Classics in 2005 out of his passion for rare and neglected music, producing recordings of the vast amount of top-notch classical music that the concert halls and major record companies are ignoring. More than 250 CDs have been published over the last decade, a generous proportion featuring living composers from across the world.

In 2014, Anderson was one of 30 people internationally chosen for a series of ‘Profiles in Courage’ by the US magazine Musical America.

Anderson is General Editor of the International Centre for Suppressed Music (ICSM) Online Journal.