Chiara Messineo
Chiara Messineo

Chiara Messineo is a specialist factual TV producer with credits on high-end art, history, religion and archeological documentaries with experience on science, engineering and food programmes. She has worked with the main broadcasters, most recently BBC, ARTE, PBS, Channel 4, Discovery Channel and National Geographic. In the corporate world, Chiara has led multiplatform projects to create focused campaigns for government funded initiatives.

She has a knack for gaining access to the inaccessible:  from sites closed to the public, like the Vatican, to restricted sections of world class museums.  She has set up complex shoots entailing managing several teams at the same time, including filming at archeological digs and at groundbreaking historical discoveries as they happened. In whatever she does, she loves finding the overlooked angle that leads to an unexpected discovery, such as a set of lost Picassos drawn on restaurant napkins.

Since her early days as a youth theatre worker with victims of the Mafia and illegal immigrants, she has been drawn to devising media projects to implement social change.

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