Adam W portraitI am a Director at Dawson Walker – a marketing and communications agency. In the past I was a creative myself but now am suited and booted focusing on client strategy and delivery – working with a fantastic diversity of global, national and local brands. I was lucky enough to spend 4 years at art school (a long, long time ago) and also had a passion for acting. Now I participate happily in the audience or as a gallery visitor and appreciate the amazing diversity of artists and their work.
Much of my professional life is focused on understanding how to engage with people at work – how to excite them about change, attract them to new opportunities and motivate them to perform. I have already experienced and observed how art can play a role in this and am convinced that by working with the Foundation we will discover and facilitate transformative solutions for business. Joining The Cornelius Arts Foundation as an Advisor is a great honour and I am thoroughly enjoying the opportunity to discuss and contribute to how we unleash the transformative power of art.
Married with 2 (feral) sons I enjoy making pumpkin ravioli and listening to Miles Davis and in equal measure making beans on toast to the accompaniment of Eminem. I usually find a glass of wine goes down well with either.

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