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February 2019 – Invitation to present our approach to the evaluation of residencies in the annual conference of Res Artis in Kyoto

late 2019 – Art of Conversation fundraising dinner (forthcoming)


October 2018 – Interview of Marianne Magnin, our chair of the board, to The Climate Change Project on how the arts can address climate change

September 2018 – Beginning of collaboration with the Montreal Museum of Fine Art and the RUIS McGill Centre of Excellence on Longevity on a project about the impact of art on the wellbeing of the elderly

July 2018 – Chrupaad concert by classical Indian vocalist and musician Amit Shamar in Lagamas.

February 18 – Participation of Marianne Magnin as speaker about The Contribution of the Arts and Culture to People and Communities in the context of the conference Power of the Arts: The Arts as Tools for Peace, which was organised by the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

February 18 –  Invitation to Marianne Magnin to be the sole external panelist of the Academic Innovation Category of QMUL’s Engagement and Enterprise Awards, an annual recognition of QMUL’s outstanding achievement in public engagement, academic enterprise, student enterprise and public relations


December 2017 – Our new website is launched

September 2017 – Presentation of the results of our evaluation of the Goethe at LUX residency

September 2017 – TCAF team runs the Marathon du Médoc as part of its fundraising efforts

July 17 – Lagamas artists residency with Gideon Mendel

June 17 – Contribution to British Council’s final series on EU-UK Culture, Research and Education ahead of Communiqué Our Shared European Future

May 17 – Contribution to CAE London hub workshop on the Future of Europe to co-create a cultural scenario for the EU

May 17 – Start of R&D project with Goethe-Institute London to assess their new residency programme in partnership with LUX

April 17 – Publication in L’ECHO of an interview by Marianne Magnin, TCAF Board Chair

March 2017 – TCAF joined the Art and Health Advisory Committee of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

March 17 – Hosting an Impossible Partnerships workshop on distributed data in partnership with The Culture Capital Exchange and DataKind

January 17 – Participation in Culture Action Europe’s AGM and annual conference ‘Beyond the Obvious’ in Budapest, with a focus on European construction, cities and sustainable development

January 17 – Presentation in the House of Lords of the conclusion of our Literature Review on the benefits brought by the arts


December 16 – Trustees, researchers, artists, volunteers and donors gathered to celebrate the year with a performance by poet Douglas Park

September 16 – Conclusion of our Literature Review of the existing knowledge on the transformative power of art

June 16 – Boryana Stambolova is appointed to the Board as Treasurer. She is joined by Apoorva Chandra

March 16 – Participation in Culture Action Europe three-day collaborative thinking session in Brussels to discuss recent political developments and future advocacy


December 15 – Charitable status obtained by Charity Commission

November 15 – Last ART of Conversation supper of 2015, exploring ‘Spontaneous Acts‘

November 15 – Participation in Kathréptis, an international gathering held in Athens organised by Culture Action Europe to discuss culture, people and cities

October 15 – Third edition of the ART of Conversation supper, exploring the relationship between art and Politics

September 15 – Second ART of Conversation supper, exploring ‘Play‘ as theme

July 15 – Launch of The ART of Conversation supper club in London. Theme of the evening: art in the public space

July 15 – Community workshop ‘happy city‘ by Maryam Palizgir, at the Skip Garden, a green and experimental oasis in the middle of the King’s Cross development, London

May 15 – Having just graduated from King’s College where she read English and French, Alexandra Whitton joins TCF team as Marketing & Communications intern, in partnership with DWC


November 14 – 2014 Artists in residence present their works in Lagamas church (1-6pm): Susie Hamilton showcases her new ‘Old ladies at the market’ and ‘Occitan school children’ watercolour series, Beatrice Schulz brings to life a Beatritz of Dia’s love song through a subtil web of Occcitan recordings and drawings, and Maryam Palizgir assembles an installation combining embroidered textiles and ceramics

October 14 – 2014 TCF residency opens at Lagamas, with artists Susie Hamilton, Beatrice Milner and Maryam Palizgir exploring the theme Identities, with a briefer visit by Jimmy Richer

July 14 – The exhibition Automatic Art, featuring Transformable sculptures by Peter Lowe, opens at GV Art Gallery

April 14 – The Passion of Lagamas is performed in London by the Musarc ensemble. This libretto commissioned by Joseph Kohhmaier, brings together 3 poems by Jeremy Hunt: The Last Supper at Château de L’Agamàs, The Vision of Saint Jean-de-Fos and The Passion at the Mount of Olives of L’agamas

March 14 – Sean Dower extends the life of his Lagamas live-performance in Live Noise Transmission as part of the Monomania festival, Cambridge (UK). The performance includes metal sheets, steel chimes, inspiration and a ‘Bleu de Travail’ jacket first staged at Château de Lagamas on August 24th, 2013

February 14 – The Cornelius Foundation joins the Triangle Network as one of its Partners

February 14 – Eric Fischer performs the premiere of 7 Constellations (a progression from 1 instrument to 7 for the final piece), extended from ‘Constellations Obligatoires‘ composed in August 2013 as inspired by Mauvaises Étoiles by Peter Lowe. Presented in Combs-la-Ville, France, under the invitation of Patrick Selmer – from the world renowned instrument makers Selmer family, Fischer is joined by Serge Bertocchi, Jean-Pierre Baraglioli, Romain Tallet, Jean-Louis Gauche and Sylvain Kassab

January 14 – 2013 Residency at Lagamas receives a comprehensive review in the Art and Architecture Journal

January 14 – The poem The Vision of Saint-Jean-de-Fos, written by Jeremy Hunt during Lagamas 2013 residency, received its first public reading in London


May 13 – The first Lagamas residency: Constructed with Intention


May 11 – The Cornelius Arts Foundation is created (then named The Cornelius Foundation)

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