Our Approach to Residencies

Our review of the literature and the evidence on the transformative power of art demonstrated that, despite the repeated use of residencies by arts organisations, there is a lack of an understanding of the specific ways in which residencies are transformational.

For example, in the Policy Handbook on Artists’ Residencies (2014), whose goal was to provide an analysis of the value of artists’ residencies and to identify examples of good practice, the Open Method of Coordination (OMC) group of European Union Member State experts on Artists’ Residencies put together recommendations in order to improve the functioning of artists’ residencies. They wrote that:

• There is a need for better evaluation of artists’ residencies and better collection of standardised data and statistics.

The working group also identified a set of recommendations for cultural organisations and participant artists, such as:

•[to] ensure good evaluation takes place, documentation is produced and feedback is provided to inform future practice;
• develop new and sustainable networks in order to create greater impacts and legacies.

TCAF aims to contribute to fulfilling these gaps with both its R&D work and its own residencies in France.

R&D on art residencies

TCAF has been commissioned by the Goethe-Institut UK to develop an extensive, multi-method evaluation of its Goethe at LUX arts residencies (2017–2021). The main goals of the four-year evaluation are, first, to identify the intrinsic value of the residency for its selected artists; second, to identify the value of the partnership with LUX, i.e. regarding the Goethe-Institut’s positioning in London; third and secondarily, to identify the value of the residency for the broader context of the residency and the Goethe-Institut’s institutional strategy. I doing so, we also yes the relevance of the methodology that was previously applied in the evaluation of another Goethe-Institut residency (Villa Kamogawa), as discussed in its Culture Works brochure (2016).

TCAF’s residencies in Lagamas, France

Lagamas is a small village in the south of France with a population of around one hundred inhabitants. It is a perfect place for reflection and immersion in an atmosphere of creativity. Since the mission of The Cornelius Arts Foundation is to unleash the transformative power of art, we have organised several residencies – all of which engage the local community in the life of the residency.

The combination of a quiet with opportunities for conversation with visiting guess and exchanges with the local community offers TCAF’s Artists-in-Residency a stimulating and nurturing environment in which their practice can be both developed and challenged.

Previous Residencies

2017: The Strings that Connect – Gideon Mendel (see video above)

2014: Identities – Maryam Palizgir, Beatrice Schulz, Susie Hamilton (read about it here, here and here)

2013: Constructed with Intention – Graham Henderson and Jeremy Hunt (read about it here, here, here and here)

To discuss a potential collaboration, email Marianne Magnin, our chairwoman or Mafalda Dâmaso, our R&D Manager.