Our approach to education

One of the R&D focuses of TCAF’s R&D lies on the impact of art on education. An increasing number of studies show such impact at the level of art in terms of strengthening attitudes and cognitive skills; they also propose to see cultural education as a form of social development. Our goal is to test and expand these findings, contributing to data-informed art education projects.

1) Art and education: strengthening attitudes and cognitive skills
There is widespread evidence that access to art strengthens the attitudes of students as well as their skills and cognitive abilities. However, despite the very promising findings, it is difficult to establish causality. Indeed, in many of these studies, there were no control groups, no modelling of variables to identify independence, no clear typologies or indexes to understand the impact of art and, finally, that they weren’t replicated in other contexts or repeated over a long period of time.

2) Learning as a form of social development
Other studies and discussions have a more social view of the impact of education, namely considering the use of heritage sites as a resource for strengthening social and civic competencies, which overlaps with the social development function of such organisations. However, causality remains unproven.

To discuss a potential collaboration, email Marianne Magnin, our chairwoman or Mafalda Dâmaso, our R&D Manager.