Our goals and work


The Cornelius Arts Foundation is a think tank committed to unleashing the transformative power of art. We achieve this through research & development focused on delivering lasting and pragmatic solutions to bridge art and people.

Strategic goals

TCAF has three overarching strategic goals, which connect our five themes (education, innovation, sustainability, wellbeing, residencies):

1) Build and disseminate knowledge on how art is transformative by testing existing knowledge and in identifying new tools to capture the transformative effect of art.

Specifically, TCAF brings together, analyses and disseminates knowledge of selected information resources; conducts applied research; and commissions (in partnership with other organisations) applied research.

2) Establish effective cooperations between art organisations and other sectors, such as academia, the third sector, government agencies, civil society, and corporations.

TCAF does this by placing the goal of facilitating connections between leaders and practitioners at the centre of its R&D strategy.

3) Provide informed leadership on key issues affecting arts.

TCAF aims to develop and maintain an active voice in national and international debates regarding the role of art.

Experimentation grounds

TCAF’s R&D programme combines the following experimentation grounds:

Commissioned research


Public events


Commissioned research includes our evaluation of the Goethe at LUX residencies (2017–2021).

Workshops include Networked Data, a roundtable discussion about distributed data in relation to art and the challenges of gathering robust evidence to make the case for art impact in collaboration with The Culture Capital Exchange and DataKind UK.

Public events refer to our Art of Conversation series (here and here).

Residencies refer to our residencies in Lagamas (read some of the statements by our artists-in-residency: Maryam Palizgir, Beatrice Schulz, Susie Hamilton).

To discuss a potential collaboration, email Marianne Magnin, our chairwoman or Mafalda Dâmaso, our R&D Manager.