The Cornelius Arts Foundation at Culture Action Europe

The Cornelius Arts Foundation (TCAF) recently joined Culture Action Europe (CAE) as one of its members. CAE is the biggest umbrella organisation representing the cultural sector at the European level. Among its myriad activities, CAE organises gatherings and meetings. TCAF attended two of these recent events.

Kathréptis (mirror, in Greek) was an international gathering held in Athens in November 2015 to discuss culture, people and cities. The participants worked in groups looking for answers to the following question:

How can engaged people in culture and citizenship come together to enhance the life of those living in the city?


CAE’s Members’ Forum #2 was a three-day collaborative thinking session that took place in March 2016 in Brussels. Among other things, the participants discussed CAE’s activities and political developments as well as the potential for coordinated advocacy, community development and key collaborations in order to enhance the impact of its future activities.


Throughout these exchanges, TCAF has met and developed links with like-minded individuals and organisations. Some of these connections will undoubtedly result in future collaborations. For now, belonging to this network allows us to stay connected with and to contribute to ongoing discussions regarding the role of culture in society, which helps us make a strong case regarding the transformative role of art.