On the balmy evening of Monday 27th July near Kings Cross, thirty influencers from Arts and Business backgrounds gathered to celebrate the launch of The Cornelius Foundation’s ART of Conversation supper series.



Founded to understand the interaction between art and people, The Cornelius Foundation is keen to stimulate the exchange of ideas in the hope of finding practical and lasting solutions that bring the two closer together. To this end, July 2015 saw the launch of the ART of Conversation supper series, with the aim of becoming a regular fixture in London’s social calendar. Guests from a wide spectrum of professional backgrounds attended, including  business, art, architecture, academia and engineering. Ticketing was tiered into ‘spoon’ levels of varying cost with the aim of attracting as wide a sample of society as possible, including students.


Taking place off the beaten path in unexpected and exclusive locations across London the launch event was set in Global Generation’s Skip Garden, an urban regeneration initiative near Kings Cross where a previous building site has been flattened and replaced with a self-sustaining garden whose fresh produce also serves the on-site vegetarian kitchen.


The evening started with guests participating in Maryam Palizgir’s happy city project, which aims to engage communities through the performance of public art. With previous exhibits in Palizgir’s home town of Tehran, Iran, as well as The Cornelius Foundation’s Lagamas Residency in 2014, Palizgir’s laser-cut designs of London flowers were spray painted onto Skip Garden tables, reinforcing the link between nature, community and art.



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Following the immersive painting session, a delicious three-course vegetarian meal was shared over candlelight featuring dishes such as cherry tomato and red pepper tian with fresh pesto or roast cauliflower with rosemary and chili, dressed with quinoa, baby spinach and nigella seeds, accompanied by a selection of wines kindly provided by our sponsors Borough Wines.



Conversation flowed, interspersed with thought-provoking presentations by artists Clare Palmier of ARTstation and Palmier Works, and Theresa Caruana, alumni of the Chelsea College of Arts and creator of interactive artworks.




With guests staying until the early hours, a wonderful evening of discussion and discovery and connection was had by all. We thank our guests for their enthusiasm and support and look forward to inviting you to the next supper of the series.


We are always eager to hear your ideas and welcome sponsorship collaborations.

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Photos © Roger Alarcon 2015
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